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Danish — Latin — German — Low German — computers


Dansk i Sydslesvig
(about the language of the Danish minority south of the Danish-German border)

(considerations on language usage)


Lingua Latina

Medieval Latin Dictionary
Vademecum in opus Saxonis et alia opera Danica compendium ex indice verborum
A dictionary of 12th century medieval Latin, composed by prof. Franz Blatt (1903-79) and Reimer Hemmingsen (1922-98), with explanations in classical Latin.
Covers the works of Saxo Grammaticus and other Danish contemporary authors who wrote in Latin



Die gesprochene Umgangssprache in Norddeutschland
(spoken colloquial language in Northen Germany)



Det plattyske sprog
(Die plattdeutsche Sprache – Low German language.   This article in Danish compares German with Low German.   Enthält Übersichten, die den plattdeutschen Lautbestand mit dem hochdeutschen vergleichen).
English translation: The Low Saxon Language by Edward Sproston.

Plattdeutscher Web-Ring


Computer Linguistics

Alphabetisierung auf Computer
Computer Alphabetizing
(How to sort text strings according to the rules in different languages, and how this can be implemented in a computer environment).


Dictionary of computer abbreviations

List of file extensions

Dictionaries and other references

Links to dictionaries

Some of my publications

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